The partnership between Sandvik and Cisco Systems is a match made in mining heaven, delivering productivity and safety improvements to underground mines everywhere.

The future of mining is a digital one. Innovations such as automation and data analysis have been shown to improve safety, productivity and sustainability management in the mining industry. A survey of mining companies conducted by professional services firm EY showed that 84 percent of participants “are considering having, have started or already have digital as part of their day-to-day business”.

Nevertheless, wanting to digitalize your operations and successfully and securely accomplishing the task are two separate issues, and it is critical that mining companies develop a clear approach to bridging the divide.

By offering a pre-integrated and tested solution, customers will benefit from accelerated time to deployment and reduced risk.

It is under these conditions that the partnership between two global leaders in their respective fields was born. With its cutting-edge automated and digitalized mining solutions, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology offers the equipment and knowledge to boost safety and productivity for its customers. And Cisco Systems, world leader in IoT connectivity solutions and network technology, has the expertise, experience and tools to provide reliable and secure network underground. It was a match made in mining heaven.

“When you think of mining operations, specifically underground mining, for those operations to become more effective and safer they will need the expertise of both companies,” says Jarkko Ruokojärvi, automation global business development manager at Sandvik. “Our collaboration has successfully married mining automation solutions and digitalization applications to robust and reliable connectivity that gets the different resources to communicate and interact with each other.”